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Visibility Index is a metric invented by SISTRIX — a German SEO Tool, to reflect the visibility of a domain on Google SERP. The metric is available in 30 countries, for both mobile and desktop. To calculate this metric, SISTRIX:

  • records top 100 results for 1 million keywords, which makes…

While there are many tutorials on how to solve different individual technical questions, for example how to write a particular formula, how to remove duplicates with Google Apps Script, and so on; I find it quite rare to find a complete guideline of how you would approach a business task…

with detailed code explanation

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There are many ways to push data from SQL Server to Google Sheets, including using Python or Google Apps Script. While Python is great for a heavy SQL query, I find it a bit of a hassle when it comes to scheduling. …

Trang Nguyen Ngoc

I document my data analysis learning journey to be better together <3

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